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February 16


The Banyan House in Second Life is not a brand new release. The home, masterfully created by Eliza Wierwight of PATRON has been on the market for a few weeks now but we at LTD finally got the opportunity to visit this work of art in world and boy were we impressed.



Eliza is no newcomer to creating beautiful homes. The Patron House, released a few years ago, was a tremendous success and widely popular among the Home & Garden community. Her level of detail, eye for beautiful textures and exquisite furnishings compliment both that home, and the new Banyan House incredibly well.


The Banyan is not just ”another prefab” on the grid, it is a work of art. This is easily one of the most unique and beautiful residential builds that you will see in Second Life. Yes, we said it! Now there are a few things you need to know about this home before rushing out to buy it. Firstly, we highly recommend you check it out in world before looking to purchase. Explore it, view it in both day and night, get a good feel for it to make sure this is a right fit for you. Secondly, it is important to know that this home DOES NOT come furnished, however, it does include the following (taken from

All Gardens & landscaping

Imperial Guard Lions

Nike sculpture in entry area

The outdoor elevated Cabana at the rear of the home

The Banyan Tree – which will remain exclusive to the home

Rugs seen within the home – unlinked to the floors for your convienance

Decorative panel  elements & random pieces of Art 

Built in  linked cabinetry

Some additional non built in cabinetry – unlinked to foundation build

Aquarium embellishments & fish

Waterfalls & features 

Lighting embellishments, special water FX

Linked kitchen props that enhance character to the original kitchen design

Life Buoys  that on click supply couples pool floats on both levels of the home

Kitchen Props on rez that compliment  PATRON Experience animations

Bathroom Props on rez that compliment Experience animations

Pool Props etc etc etc on rez that compliment Experience animations



This home comes with Copy Only permissions and has a total land impact of around 2100. This land impact includes everything listed above and although this may be considered a high land impact these days in Second Life, it is truly worth every prim. Now, the cost? This build isn’t cheap, but something as beautiful as this never will be. The build costs $L30,000, and although you may think that seems too high, you really must follow our advice and view this model in world for yourself to understand the true beauty and work that has gone into the creation of it.


We may be late jumping on the bandwagon of drooling over this gorgeous creation by Eliza Wierwight, but we just had to share this with our readers. Those of you who truly appreciate art, architecture and beautiful creations in Second Life really must visit the in world model and see it for yourself if you haven’t already, whether you purchase it or not. If you are looking for that one residential build that is so unique nothing can compare, this is the one.


More detailed information on this home, it’s features and all it includes, can be found on THIS WEBSITE.

  1. elizawierwight

    February 16

    Thank you Edi for your generous post about Banyan House (and always exquisite photography) , 2 years of creative play, dedicated design work, problem solving, learning curves and joy. Pulled apart more times than I’ve overtly the will to confess, then refined. I had my hand slapped more than once for that premise, I’ve remarkable friends that way. That aside, customers are loving the experience first hand, professing never to have a desire to leave their own SIMs other than ‘hair emergency’ other 😛 So I couldn’t be more delighted & honoured.

  2. kambailey

    February 17

    Thank you for your review, Edi. It truly was a labor of love for Eliza and it’s wonderful that it’s getting publicized.

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