February 14
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Galland Homes is at the Second Life Home and Garden Expo with their new release of Cloverleaf, the 2016 expo opened today and is now available in world.

The Cloverleaf is a modern, “New American” home plan, though on a modest scale. The design blends traditional European and American styles (Chalet, Colonial, etc.) and often features intersecting roof lines and eaves. Modern interior design calls for open spaces and careful attention to ease of traffic flow, while including more traditional elements such as baseboards, crown molding, and other custom wood trim aspects like the included mantel. Hopefully, these elements have been captured in the Cloverleaf.

The home uses neutral tones throughout and all walls can be painted by simply recoloring them. In this manner, you will not lose the baked in ambient occlusion (shadow) effect. Shadow maps for the interior walls are included should you wish to apply other textures (wall paper, faux paint, etc.)

 A working fireplace is included as is the Galland Homes’ Antique White Kitchen. The kitchen is an animated product which includes an island with 14 animations and 10 poses. The main kitchen includes 21 animations and 11 poses (PG couples poses included). Each sink has running water and various props are included to help you prepare your favorite meals for you and your friends.

 Other custom mesh components are included, such as the double hung windows shown throughout, french doors, and the stable-style custom garage doors.

 All landscaping in the advertising materials was assembled by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Design.

Landscaping and Furnishings are not included.

112 Prim LI without kitchen (143 Prim LI with kitchen) *The Kitchen is not linked to the house for easy removal, but will rezz in place with the house.

❖ Approx 25 Meters wide by 31 Meters deep – best for 2048 Sq. m. lots or larger.


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