LTD Explores 5 Unique & Stylish Stores

January 22
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There are many stores in Second Life that appear similar to one another. Which is nothing unexpected. It is not much different in real life. Every now and then though, there is that one space that make us go “ooooh” when we walk through the door. Stores which do that for us in Second Life are not that few actually. I have listed here some of my favorite stores that make me smile every time i go in, be it for creativity, elegance, or flair.


Article by Mae Delvalle – Photography by Anelly Stone


Let us start with a classic look. Lelutka is a hair store, now also sporting mesh heads, as well as a section for Undivided, a group effort by the creators of Glam Affair, Lelutka and Maitreya.



The mainstore is a large Mediterranean mansion of sorts. It is not a generic build bought from another creator. It is built by Lelutka creators. It has a number of rooms and halls with many doors, mostly decorative, one inner courtyard which has a very Mediterranean feel to it, one outdoor courtyard with a view of trees and ocean. The color scheme is mostly tones of beige, accentuated with gold where appropriate.


Landing at Lelutka, you find yourself in the inner courtyard, which to me resembles the Spanish Courtyard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The first door you see at the landing point takes you into the shopping area for Lelutka, which is spacious and well organized, well lit not only with textures but also large windows that make it feel real. There is some stylish furniture spread around to sit down and relax in. Different lines of creation are in sections, separated with archways or doors. The store desk is in a separate area, entered through one of the archways. The door on the other side of the desk room takes the shopper into a hall that leads to the Undivided room.

All in all, this store is unique in the way it is built and decorated, with a calm and elegant feel to it.


From light into dark… Welcome to Scrub Factory, the main store for Scrub, a creator of clothing and accessories, with a twist.



The store resides in a build of dark marble and stone, again built by the creators of the brand. It is a large building from the outside, much like a palace, the store utilizing the first floor on the inside. The dark color scheme continues inside with black and grays.

Landing point takes you to the entrance of the store, where you will be facing large billboards and movie screen displaying models in Scrub creations. The simple layout of the store makes it easy to shop. The halls to your left and right take you to sections for accessories and clothing. Walls of gray carrying creations in niches are outlined with columns. The only decorations in the store are the black crystal chandeliers and the occasional table or bench.

Scrub puts together darkness and elegance perfectly.


This one is definitely very unique, in the sense that, it is eastern and oriental and that is a rarity in Second Life. Zaara. Probably the first name to come to mind when eastern or Indian in Second Life is mentioned.



Zaara is a clothing and accessories creator, some eastern, some western. Even though the brand has been creating decorations as well for a while now, they are always for gacha and not on sale in store. The store, like its creations, is very Indian. It is made of buildings surrounding the pool with floating lilies in the middle, the main store being the largest, the outlet, menswear, and a lounge on other sides of the square.


Landing point takes you to the entrance of the main store. Passing the usual information boards outside you enter a large room with newer creations, as well as gacha machines for the creator’s work in past gacha events. The archways to the sides lead to sections for accessories and lingerie, stairs through them leading to the upper floors with more items. There is no closed roof to the building and upper floors have balconies looking down, which creates a nice atmosphere. The vibrant colors used match the creations. You can walk around the store and to the other buildings, or take teleports.

In the predominantly western SL, places like Zaara remind us of the versatility in cultures, through the warmth of Indian culture in its vibrant colors.


My next pick is a store on the colorful Tableau sim, which is set like an Old West or Mexican town out of a movie. Nylon Outfitters creates clothing and avatar components and accessories. Yummy, whom it shares the store with, creates accessories.

nylon outfitters3


The store, again built by the brand creators, manages to distinguish itself from the surrounding builds, which are already colorful in their own, but this one stands out with the designs in texture.

Landing point is right at the entrance, inside the store. Smaller than the other stores mentioned so far, the building has two large rooms, one for Nylon Outfitters, one for Yummy. There is also a room downstairs for discount items. The creations are placed on walls, as the limited space allows. The colors and designs on the walls are basically art themselves. Terracotta tiles on the floor and the tables and pottery spread around add to the color. This one is another store with high ceilings and no roof and that adds to the atmosphere as well.

Nylon outfitters

This store reminds the art of Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol at the same time, so another piece of unique art on Second Life to see.


Now for the last one… we shall delve into the funky creations of a toy maker. D-Lab creates toys, animated and/or attachable creatures of all sorts, as well as some landscaping and outdoor decoration items, all in toy spirit.



You know Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? If D-Lab made chocolate, this store would be the funky chocolate factory. Lack of chocolate? We can easily call it a toy factory. Landing point is outside in the garden/courtyard of the very large store in the sky. The building itself looks like a toy as well. The rocket in the garden can take you down to land, to the D-Lab train station and back. There are displays of some of the toy sets on land too.

Main room ahead of you contains most of the creations. It is one large room with a glass ceiling, toys spread around, UFOs flying around. Stairs take you up to the area where the plants can be found. Once you are done shopping you can go back out and wander around in the tiered garden and its islands, for different displays, some of which are interactive.

If you ever feel like going into toy wonderland, D-Lab is it.

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