November 30
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‘The Spa’ skybox is the latest in ABISS‘s series of skyboxes that connect to each other. It can be a standalone piece or an add on to ‘The Apartment’ and ‘The Living Room’ in the same series. This prefab will be released sometime this week, and we will announce when it has been released.

It’s a Mesh structure which has a footprint of approximately 20.2m wide and 40.3m in length. Land impact is around 108 unfurnished, and Permissions are Copy/Modify. Everything will come in a rezz box and there is a bonus option to rezz without furnishings.

Texturally, this is a very calming and beautiful structure enhanced with high detail. One third has wooden flooring where you might place loungers and massage table for instance, and the remainder is marble floored and contains a large pool and hot tub. The water is continuously animated in a restful manner. There are numerous alcoves built into the walls, some of which are areas for picture displays, some have shelving for towels and treatments. The pool area has marble columns with uplighters and sumptuous chiffon curtains neatly tied and displayed. Lighting across the pool comes from wrought iron chandeliers and built in ceiling strip lighting. In the wooden flooring area, there are further black iron lamps built into the alcoves. Windows with iron fretwork decor are carefully placed along one side.

A really good feature is the Day/Night texture option which changes the whole structure. In the daylight, the overall effect is clean and calm with subtle lighting. Switch to night and the colour changes to a much warmer tone with sandy coloured walls, columns and darker wood, with additional lighting which gives a warm glow.


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The pool takes up to 6 avatars, which can be 3 couples, with poses for side and edge, jumps, floats and cuddles. Swap and Adjust included. The hot tub also takes up to 6 avatars with regular sits for ladies and gents.

Furniture includes 4 variations of spa lounger with tables (3 – 4 LI), relaxing sofas (3 LI) to place around the pool, massage table (5 LI), pictures with lighting and a very useful pool cover which can be used over the water for parties, etc. There are Adult animations included along with regular poses in the massage table and the pool sofas. The spa loungers have regular poses. And designer, Oggy, promises that there will be one further furniture surprise going into the finished vendor! Viewing highly recommended.

Stay tuned for when this gorgeous prefab will be released.

 Writer: Mozart Loordes – Photographer: Jordan Giant

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