November 28
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Plaaka - Pencil House gacha - Arcade


PLAAKA have released a gacha key for the upcoming round of THE ARCADE GACHA. It’s called the ‘Pencil House Series’ gacha.

Rares (3):
Pencil House buildings in black (41 LI) plain (36 LI) and chocolate (38 LI). Doors also included add a further 2 LI.

Commons (16):
Sofas in black, white, red, blue, green and gray – 3 LI with 14 animations by SweetLovelyCute.
Grandpa’s low table – 1 LI Geta – 1 LI
Ceiling spotlight – 3 LI Old shoes box – 1 LI
Hibachi Plant pot – 1 LI Wall spotlight – 3 LI
Flower vases in pink, yellow and white – 1 LI each
Pencil House curtain – set of 4 at 2 LI each

Designer, Zazie, tells us this gacha is based on the contemporary Kyomachiya style of narrow housing using galvanized steel plate.

Machiya are traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan and typified in the historical capital of Kyoto. As a rule the traditional houses were used for urban merchants and craftsmen, a class referred to as ‘chonin’ or townspeople. The typical Kyoto machiya is a long wooden home with narrow street frontage, stretching deep into the city block and often containing one or more small courtyard gardens. Machiya incorporate earthen walls and baked tile roofs and could be 1, 2 or occasionally 3 stories high. The largest residential room is placed at the rear of the house, overlooking the garden.

The more modern style of machiya retain the basic shape but their facades have been completely covered over in cement. Many have lost the tiled roofs, becoming more box shaped, and many have had aluminum or steel shutters installed as are commonly seen in small urban shops.

We will continue to post Home & Garden previews as we see them until the event opens to the public. This round opens December 1st.

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