November 21
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Robin Wood - Arcade preview 1


There are one or two sneak peaks making their appearance for December ARCADE so we thought we’d note them! This post features pieces from ROBIN WOOD and ARISKEA together with a few paragraphs about their forthcoming gachas.

Robin says she’s busy writing instructions and taking pictures now that all her modeling and texturing is done! The preview shows one of the two Rares in her set. It’s very complex with several moving parts so it’s 3 Land Impact – all the workings of an old fashioned music box – amazing detail and we can’t wait to see the rest of the set.

Ariskea - Arcade preview

Aris of ARISKEA has been 3 long months working on her set which is all about vintage Paris. It’s called ‘Petite Paris’. She says, “Since more then 3 Month I been preparing working harder then ever to make something very unique and Colorful, such of what every fashionista Parisian dreamer dream of. I always been a lover of this City of Romanticist and infinite Vintage style. This collection for The Arcade December 2015 is going to be the best so far work I’ve ever done! Dedicated for all the Decorating Lovers! I really hope you will like this set and I wish you all Happy holidays!! Bon temps des fêtes!” The preview shows beautiful decor pieces of roses in vintage vases.

We will continue to post ARCADE previews as we spot them until the event opens in December!

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