November 9
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Written by: Bambi Foxdale – Photographs by: Bambi Foxdale

The secret to a good home is comfort, and this is true for both Real Life and Second Life. In my opinion realistic textures and a logical order of rooms creates the perfect atmosphere to have the dream home you always wanted. The Loft new prefab for the 6° Republic event is a perfect example of that.

Casa Alondra, in its North Italian style, makes you feel at home right away. The textures are highly realistic with the sunlight bouncing off the hard wooden floors on a warm sunny day, alongside Glass doors and delicate and elegant wall papers. As for comfort, this house is perfect with 7 decent sized rooms which include 2 living rooms and 1.5 porches to enjoy a moment in the sun, and beautiful entrance. Comfortable for the eye and comfortable to cam around for homey pictures. Like in real life, the word ‘storage’ jumps out with 2 amazing wood shelves unites in the main living room and upstairs. I have to say, looking around the house I saw numerous spots that seem just perfect for a Christmas tree.

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The Harsh Truth:

  • House structure 28 m by 16.65 m
  • 100% mesh – 192 prims)
  • Openable doors and Windows
  • Copy/Mod

• Price: 3500L


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