August 2
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Zerkalo - Evelyns bathroom - FaMESHed


[ZERKALO] have released the beautiful ‘Evelin’s Bathroom’ set at the August round of FAMESHED.

The set is available in both PG and Adult varieties. There are 2 versions of the bathtub – golden and silver which refers to the faucet and piping textures. In the PG bathtub there are 4 single and 8 couples (cuddles and kisses) animations. In the Adult bathtub there’s the same plus 8 Adult animations. To fill the tubs with water – click the faucet. Land Impact is 6.

In addition to the bathtubs there are red and white rose petal textured pieces to place on top of the water, sets of candles (single and double), rolled towels, rug, stepladder and flat towels in a stack – all between 1 – 3 Land Impact. Permissions are Copy/Modify.


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