June 25
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Sways - Walden campfire set - Uber


SWAY’S are at UBER with a great new campfire set,  ‘[Walden]’ – be just right for summer!

What’s better than a campfire to sit together with friends and enjoy home cooked food like yummy marshmallows and sausages on sticks? Well now you can with SWAY’S latest ‘Walden’ set.

The stone framed campfire is 3 Land Impact and has a fire crackling sound. The log is 2 Land Impact and has variations of with/without cushions. It contains 14 single/friends animations, 10 couple animations and has 4 texture options for the pillows. The stump is 1 Land Impact and is also with or without pillow. It has single animations and 4 texture options for the pillow. The coffee pot and mug is 1 Land Impact and has variations of red, blue, green and yellow. The wood stick with marshmallow and sausage is a further 1 Land Impact and serves both as a decoration and a prop.

Altogether the total Land Impact of the set would be 12 so a whole lot of detail for very little LI. 100% original Mesh with Materials enabled, permissions are Copy/Modify.


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