June 22
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TH - raven wall hanging - Cosmo


TH has released the ‘Raven Wall Lamp’, 2 varieties of the ‘Pallet Table – Flags and Cards’, and 3 varieties of the very useful ‘CoffeeDog Table’ at the new round of COSMOPOLITAN which has started today. All exclusives!

The wall lamp has an on/off lighting effect with shadow and a changeable menu. It’s 100% original Mesh, 5 Land Impact and permissions are Copy/Modify.

TH - pallet table flags - Cosmo

TH - pallet table cards - Cosmo

The pallet table sets have a resize and texture change script for 7 different flags or 5 cards, are 100% original Mesh, 4 Land Impact and permissions are Copy only.

TH - dog coffee table - Dalmatian - Cosmo

The witty coffee tables come in three versions – Dalmatian, Check and Brit. They actually do a job of guarding a shop or mall or wherever you want to place one.

TH - dog coffee table - Check - Cosmo

They’ll show whether you are Inworld or not and do an IM/Mail service when you’re not Inworld.  They will patrol (via a white list/black list), give items and scan who was in the range set plus other duties. 100% original Mesh, 3 Land Impact with permissions of Copy/Modify.

TH - dog coffee table - Brit - Cosmo


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