June 18
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day-spa-completeCHEZ MOI – DAY SPA

CHEZ MOI has a new release, the ‘Day Spa’ on marketplace.

After a long week grab your friends and pamper yourself with the ‘spa’ set. The modern lounge and parasol, the table multi scenes, the yoga mat and comfortable single chaises will create a perfect environment for a relaxing day. There is 4 different themed decorations to harmonize with the environment controlled with a menu.


Couple Lounge Chair – 14 single animations (7 female and 7 male) and 12 couple animations – LI 5 each

Single Chaise – Towel with 7 different textures – 22 single poses (12 female and 10 male) – LI 5 each

Yoga Mat – Texture changer with 8 different textures – 37 exercise/yoga and 5 couple massage animations – LI 2 each – Permissions copy/modify

Massage Table – 58 poses in all – 22 massage menu for men and women  – Texture changer with 7 colors – Massage stones and pillow prop –  Adjustable poses – LI 5 each – Permissions copy/modify

Umbrella – Wind chime and 4 different types of wind volume – LI 3

 Wooden Table – The table has 4 themed decorations to harmonize with the environment – Controlled by menu.


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