May 5
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MP-LB-sweeping-willow 182L$(50%OFF)


LITTLE BRANCH have a one day bargain on this beautiful willow tree for Cosmopolitan HELLO TUESDAY, May 5th.

The ‘Weeping Willow’ has textures suitable for all the seasons and is 100% Mesh. It is offered at 50% off!

We include a direct landmark to the LITTLE BRANCH store on the Cosmopolitan sim.


  1. Hey Mozzy Bear, when you do these is it possible to include the land impact? Several times I’ve loved something so much but didn’t go to buy because it didn’t tell the land impact. I know I could just go see but I don’t like to venture out much unless I have a purpose at hand. I did go check out the item one time, I think it was a Scarlett Creative, but it had a higher LI than I wanted for it’s purpose (as a bath house). Just curious! πŸ˜€ <3

    • Yes, interesting one! Where we can, we always put the Land Impact of any piece, be it decor or landscaping. It just depends on what info the designer has left on their Flickr or Blog or group notice. Often we’re scratching around for landmarks even because we have very little info. I do try to visit events if possible but often on my old computer I’m frozen to the spot with the amount of folks and/or sim scripts. As a rule, Little Branch do have nice low prim trees and plants so it is worth going to look at them – even as a one day event such as this. They did a wonderful Lemon Tree for Shiny Shabby event last month which was really low prim considering the sizes.

      • I didn’t even look at the dates. and I’m sorry, I just assumed they gave you the items and you turned around and blogged them πŸ˜› I learned something new today. And believe me, I search like mad for SLURL’s too. I can’t believe designers don’t put theirs on every single thing they upload on flickr. Most the time I just say fergitaboutit.
        <3 thanks again Moz!

    • Alright! Bambi got this today and she says it’s 23 Land Impact but absolutely beautiful, especially the pink variety!

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