April 4
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Meshworx - the grand hall


The ‘Grand Hall’ by MESHWORX was featured on the first mesh sim at the Home & Garden exhibition way back in 2012 to highlight the possibilities of mesh. Now, two years later the finished hall is presented in all its textural glory and must be viewed to be fully appreciated!

Footprint: 40 x 64
Land Impact/[Prim Count]: 871
2 levels
Material ready
Includes – TWO Grand and One Baby Chandeliers
Permission: Copy/Mod Only ~ NO Transfer
Doors: open/close scripted doors where the build owner has the option to set doors to auto-close or to stay open. Additional options include door permissions for owner, group and all.

Moz Grand Hall Meshworx_003
We went to visit this building and were stunned by the texturing, level of details and care taken with the build. Splashes of sunlight from the windows to the floor are built in and interior details shadowed. There’s an entrance porch in an oval shape with five doors, a chandelier overhead and a beautiful round mosaic design floor. The pattern is then echoed on the ceiling.

Moz Grand Hall Meshworx_001

Pillars lead to a huge rectangular hall with pillared sections to either side, all in beautiful marbled stonework with gold ornamentation. Elements of Art Deco styling can be seen. Chandeliers light the hall overhead. At the far end of the hall there is a stage with red curtains to each side. It would make a wonderful dance hall, auction room, event building  – just a few of the many possibilities of the building.

Moz Grand Hall Meshworx_004

Above the entrance porch an upper room is approached by steps to the side of the main hall. The ceiling here is in the shape of a dome with a blue sky and clouds texture, while the floor is in parquet wood and the room is finished off by a balustrade in decorative ironwork.

Moz Grand Hall Meshworx_002

We took the latter photographs in Midday light settings to show how spectacular the Grand Hall looks, even on an old computer.  We include a direct landmark to the ‘Grand Hall’ and visits are highly recommended!


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