January 17
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Over the last 3 days, our readers have been answering a poll we created on whether people still love gacha, or if they are completely over it.

2014 was easily the year of the Gacha and we are constantly seeing mixed reviews of this event concept on social networks, so we wanted to know the views of shoppers in Second Life and our results were very interesting. Over 1,000 people answered and the final results are as follows:


What does this tell us? Well, by looking at these results, over half of the people that answered this poll are ”Over It’. After reading the comments posted, we have found that many people are mostly tired of two things.

1. The amount of Gacha type events that have been created. It is simply way too many and an overkill.

2. That a lot of shoppers are seeing designers creating Gacha sets simply as a ”get rich quick” scheme.


After finding these results, reading the comments and such, we can’t help but feel that Gacha’s are way overdone. Is there a need for all of these Gacha events nearly every single month? The Arcade started it all (by this we mean the trend) and maybe that is where it should remain.

We also read comments from people about the quality of Gacha items, and that designers are making simple products and just changing the color and using that as a ”get rich quick” scheme. Maybe improving the quality, quantity and overall selection of a Gacha set would entice people more. It seems many are tired of seeing the same items over and over again and Gacha sets where all of the commons are the exact same product, but a different color.

These findings do clearly show that a surprisingly large majority of shoppers are getting tired of Gacha though, that is something we cannot deny. Whether anything will change in the near future, we will just have to wait and see.

  1. xerikomelnik

    January 17

    “The Arcade started it all and maybe that is where it should remain.”

    That comment may direct people to think this poll was intended to benefit that event in particular, if what I understood is what you actually wanted to say. The Arcade didn’t start it all; gachas existed way before The Arcade organizers decided to promote this practice in a more “elegant” and commercial way (they were also less expensive, btw). Maybe limiting gachas to one event won’t change people’s opinion towards gachas. Maybe the “solution” might be in creators offering transferable products in their stores as regular items (usually, perms are set as copy-mod/non-trans, limiting your options to “delete” only if you don’t want a product anymore). The gacha appeal is not only in the “game”, but in allowing non-creators to find a way to make their own money (by reselling).

    • By this, we mean The Arcade started the Gacha trend across Second Life. Before that event, Gacha was nowhere near as popular or as known to people as it is now. This was also taken from the comments and feedback some people who answered the poll gave. Many view it now as ”Overkill”, simply too much of it. This poll was also not intented to benefit anyone. We have no association with The Arcade of any other event for that matter. We simply promote items here on our website and we promote/advertise each event equally.

    • All comments on Gacha and the poll can be read on the original post here:

  2. Becky

    January 17

    I want to thank you for doing a poll to make this point. It seems to me that many people make claims about what other people like or don’t like about Second Life, without any evidence whatsoever, apart from a half-baked opinion. Kudos for taking at least a semi-scientific approach to it.

  3. Caitlin Tobias

    January 17

    I agree with Becky, thank you for doing a poll and with as many as 1000 responses this is at least something better than randomly saying ‘most ppl are loving it’ or ‘ most people are over it’ based on what you see on several platforms.
    I also partially agree with xerikomelnik, not so much pointing out you seem to promote the Arcade, I don’t think LTD does, but the comment on having the gacha items also available as not transfer items and separately sold – for, as may seem logical, a higher price.
    As for me, I do not particularly like the way Gacha works, but I do appreciate and love a lot of the offered items so if I want them…..I can either go to a yard-sale or pay the machine (I still cannot see it as ‘playing’..). I admit I’d rather spend some extra to get the exact item I want. I am not ‘over it’, I’ve never been into it, but on the other hand: so many people seem to enjoy it and have fun in yardsales and whatnot, I suppose it will stay and that’s cool. 🙂

  4. Rooky

    January 17

    Would also like to add that there are some stores that used to sell normal products, but since the gacha community grew, some stores started making gacha sets and little to nothing else. I find it made it very difficult to get new products that I wanted because everything was in gacha form. I dislike gachas for the no copy permissions considering I rarely use just one of something, and Second Life has a tendency to eat objects on the daily. Also I found that pretty much every set I liked was created by designers that did not allow exchanges for copy-able versions. The concept of gacha was fun when it was novelty items, fun or holiday themed sets, or maybe things that were worth all the extra effort to get, but now it has become to excessive, what could have been a great set sold as a normal product is now split up (with rare items to UGH) and you need to jump through hoops to get the things you want, and you only get ONE copy of the thing. The community(not everyone however) has grown to be fairly greedy, making the experience a lot less enjoyable, and a lot more expensive then necessary . I do like the occasional gacha but I really have reached the end of the road with it, hoping my favorite designers cut back on the gacha a bit.

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