POLL: GACHA – Over it or Love it?

January 14

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This is a poll we have been wanting to post on our website for some time after reading many comments on Social Networks of people ”being over” the whole Gacha concept. However, we also see that MANY people do still enjoy them and want more.

We wanted to create a poll to ask the very simple question: Are you over Gacha’s, or do you still love them?

The results of this poll will be shared with the public here on our website after 3 days. We are curious to see what the results will be! You are also welcome to leave comments and share your thoughts!

  1. Kami

    January 14

    I’m very surprised at the results. I thought ppl were still in love with Gachas

  2. Tamara Artis

    January 14

    I loved the idea of setting up my home with rares from gacha, but its pain to lose them after trying to rezz and getting that “unable to create item…” then relog to get it back, I was really freaking out in the beggining when they didn’t rezz lol.

    It was good while it lasted, we got over it and now its time for something new πŸ˜‰

  3. I think people really love the gachas in that they love the content it produces, but they’re just really over the process of it.

    We need a pricing model that supports BOTH Secondlife mesh creators to the extent that gachas do (monetarily speaking) while still providing prices that are accessible to a large volume of Secondlife vistors.

    I think the simple answer is for brands to start running more of their own collaborative events, dropping the gacha aspect, and pricing things at a higher rate. Perhaps just by being there, an hourly giveaway could occur and that could draw in the masses πŸ™‚

    Just a few thoughts. xo (in world, Lada Charlton)

  4. Rwah

    January 14

    Gacha’s are like chocolate. If you overstuff people with it they have enough at some point πŸ˜‰

  5. aylajzhoy

    January 14

    I see more and more at shopping events. Never been a big fan but when I spent over $700 trying to get a rare sweater, that was the end of it for me. Stupid of me, but I did it nonetheless. I either shop at the gotcha garage sales for things now or do without.

  6. Uma Imago

    January 14

    Frankly I don’t like the risk and there are so many other things to buy inworld. One time I tried to get something and I failed and it only took that one time to cure me of the habit. I will do them only if I do not mind whatever I get.

  7. Fancy Luxxe

    January 14

    I only do gacha for furniture and really enjoy the unique items you can find. You DO have to be smart about them. To keep them fresh for me I really only do The big fairs occasionally when i see something I love.

  8. Dita

    January 14

    I’m quite over it and started to realise just how jaded i’ve become when I’ve missed the last few Arcades. The world didn’t end. I think there are just so many gacha events occurring and often times the things you do want from a machine are marked rare whilst the commons are made quite unremarkable. The worst gachas for me are the clothing ones where you need to feed a considerable amount into a machine to assemble a full outfit. Often this can be quite a costly affair. In the end you just figure it will be much fairer to buy a complete outfit on its own.

  9. Tek

    January 15

    I liked them when they were different items that complimented one another and priced reasonably, like Seven, RO and Apple Fall. But the previous round of The Men’s Department and some C88 – not so much – paying for the chance to “win” hair that matches your avatar? “26 colors” so $1200L later, you get your haircolor where you could have bought another version of it flat out for 1/5th or a 1/10th of the cost. Meh. Or the same household item colored 18 different shades, “I need that rotary dial phone in lavendar!” Meh. Trying to get your avi to get the matching sweater and pants advertised and spending $1500L… it’s the thrill, but then when you look at what you walked away with… it’s lost it’s shine.

  10. nice artikel
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  11. toffy

    January 16

    I am still in love with gachas and I think I’ll always be. There is a great variety of shops, who make fantastic items for gachas. it’s a nice way to get wonderful things for quite a low price. I usually try to spend as little as possible, I make a list of lindens I’m allowed by myself to spend on this or that machine. I’m not running after the rares, I’m usually content with common items. I can even just go to some yardsales to get the item I need. I do hope there are more nice gachas on the way, I don’t think they’ll stop being trendy this year. But I am not at all against something new πŸ™‚

  12. SigourneyNovaland

    January 16

    Gatcha wasted my lindens on items i will not ever get unless i go and find it at yard sale even then they are selling it for twice the price,i am so over gatcha been there done that.Please come with something new,and let the creator have their own stores so that we can buy what we want.I have my eye on this and go and get it directly from their store,instead of wasting lindens on double, treble of the same darn thing.

  13. bobbiephaulds

    January 16

    Part of it is overload. Arcade doesn’t have a huge number and it’s pleasant to look at. However, when you go to an event like The Thrift Shop and there are 4 rows of machine, so 200 or so, or a fair, like the OMGacha, just overkill. There are SO many it’s impossible to find what you want or to look for it, even. Many are horribly overpriced as well. Too much of a good thing so you get sensory overload and say forget it. I have 2 machines at my store along with the lucky chairs…I will be adding 1 MM board..that will be it.

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  15. Buckaroo

    May 8

    I hate Gacha with a passion. Look, I dont have time to run around and resell stuff I didn’t intend to buy. It’s inherently customer hostile, making them jump through hoops by creating a false sense of “rare”. Stop it! Get your creations out there instead and focus on making great content! I want to buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it.

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