January 2
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Second Life is a fantastic escape from all of the real world problems and when we are in here, it is very hard to forget them all. It is never nice to hear that someone you know, love and/or admire is suffering a great deal in the real world.

Scarlet Chandrayaan, owner of ALOUETTE, a very popular Home Decor brand here in Second Life, is having her own battle right now. That battle is Terminal Cancer.

LEAF ON THE WIND was set up by one of her closest friends and is pulling many within the Home & Garden Community together to help raise funds for Scarlet so she can travel to be with her boyfriend so she can make the most of the time she has left.

As of right now, they have raised over $L90,000 for her. The goal is to raise $2500USD, but any donation is widely appreciated.

When we at LTD heard of this, we knew right away we wanted to do something to help in whatever way we could. All of our advertising proceeds for the January/February 2015 Issue will be donated to Scarlet and her real life. The issue will also be named in honor of her.

You can read more about Scarlet, her wonderful work and LEAF ON THE WIND in our January/February issue which will be released on JANUARY 23RD. You can also visit the official website to get more information and keep up to date with the event.


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