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December 1
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Imagine you’re nestled in a well worn, comfortable leather sofa by a crackling log fire, all your favorite things around you. Your beloved cat is curled up purring by the fireside while you toast your toes in a pair of plush slippers. Maybe you have a plate of choice snacks on the side table within easy reach, together with a steaming hot mug of cocoa. The scented candles twinkling on the mantelpiece are wafting wisps of cinnamon and sandalwood your way. The weather may be atrocious outside and blowing a gale but inside it’s just heaven. As the book you’re attempting to read falls off your lap onto the sumptuous sheepskin rug and you begin to doze off you suddenly realise that… you’re in the Land of Cozy!  And that is what our competition is all about.

 Can you create a scene of such rampant and indulgent coziness that all our judges will want to snuggle up there immediately and hibernate until the spring?  You can?  Well – Show us your Cozy!

Please note that this IS NOT a best picture contest. It is a decorating contest. Also your design DOES NOT HAVE TO BE an entire house. We are mainly looking for ONE ROOM but what you do is completely up to you.

 Now here are the rules and there are only three.

  1. The main items used in your Cozy have to be items from our judge’s stores. These are Alouette, Aria, Consignment, Culprit, Junk., MudHoney, Pixel Mode and What Next.
  2. Your Cozy scene has to be such that it can be visited by LTD staff and judges. This competition is all about your concept of atmosphere and clever design that will comfort and indulge the sense of Cozy to the ultimate, so those visits are essential.
  3. Your Cozy should depict any Fall or Winter scene.

The contest is now open and will run until December 16th. Between December 17th and 19th the judges will visit your Cozy scenes and you’ll know you’ve done well if you have to prise them away. December 20th is when the LTD judges will visit and vote so please leave a glass of sherry and a mince pie out for them. December 21st is when we’ll announce the winners.

 So what do we give you for all your hard work?  Well, a totally fabulous, amazing and delectable set of prizes!

 First Place:

Alouette: 5,000L Store Credit and 3 months worth of future releases

ARIA: 5,000L Store Credit or Gift Card

Consignment: 5,000L cash prize

Culprit: House of choice from Culprit PLUS new item named after you in January 2015

Junk.: 5,000L Gift Card

MudHoney: 5,000L Store Credit

Pixel Mode: 5,000L Store Credit

What Next: 5,000L Gift Card

& Your Winning design featured in LTD MAGAZINE January/February 2014 Issue

Second Place:

Alouette: 2,500L plus 2 months worth of future releases

ARIA: 2,500L Store Credit or Gift Card

Consignment: Choice of item and product named after you

Culprit: Wingback chair and soft sofa in exclusive colour/pattern of choosing

Junk.: 3,000L Gift Card

MudHoney: 2,000L Store Credit

Pixel Mode: 3,000L Store Credit

What Next: 2,500L Gift Card

Third Place:

Alouette: 1,000L plus 1 month worth of future releases

ARIA: 1,500L Store Credit or Gift Card

Consignment: Any one item of your choice from the store for FREE.

Culprit: Prrrmbah Saurus custom coat and sweater

Junk.: 1,000L

MudHoney: 1,000L Store Credit

Pixel Mode: 1,000L Store Credit

What Next: 1,000L Gift Card

 What could be better than that?  You’ll have so much Fabulous, you won’t know what to do with it. Or will you?  So, check out your inventory, check out the stores and remember – submissions in by December 16th or the elves will leave them outside.


Notecard with NAME to Editorial Clarity or Elvi Hartley (Elviramidnight)


 We promise to keep you thoroughly updated on all proceedings direct from the utter comfort and sheer luxury of the LTD office. Yes, we’re getting into the spirit of Cozy already 🙂 Over to you!

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