8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Gacha

November 28
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8F8 will be at The Arcade with the Granny’s Winter Cottage Gacha on December 1st.

The Granny’s Winter Cottage gacha comes with 35 commons and 3 rares to win… There is also a secret prize to win. The items come with materials enabled, the land impact varies between 1Li to 120Li per item (all items have various land impacts), the items are no copy with modify and transfer permissions.

The Granny’s Winter Cottage build has 6 exterior texture options where as the interior cushions have 7 texture change options. The house has an on/off option for the snow roof as well as the smoke coming from the chimney. The furniture each have animations in the items and the stove has an animated fire with sound. The rugs have 5 texture options.

We will continue to post Home & Garden previews as we see them until the event opens to the public.

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