LTD’s Top Picks for Halloween

October 31
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To celebrate this festive day, we went exploring to share our Top Five favourite sims for you to go explore and have a spooky day/night!

We were amazed by these sims, and we just loved the attention of detail that was put into each sim we have visited. Second Life residents never cease to amaze us and we are lucky we get to see such talent on this grid. So without further ado, here is our top five picks for Halloween.

We also would like to advise to carry a safety back pack, a flashlight, a couple of friends and to use each sims region default windlight for full effect as well keeping your sounds on, it is a must. Trust us, you will not be let down.


1. Haven Hollow by The Holiday Appreciation Society.

Last year, was the first appearance of Haven Hollow, this year they have returned with some new tricks up their sleeves. You can go trick or treating around this neighborhood, or you could go through the tunnel where Marianne McCann talks about an amazing pumpkin patch… To get to this pumpkin patch just simply take the easy route and go through the tunnel. Not to spoil anything but it is going to be a spooky journey, make sure you have lots of cookie crumbs or spray cans to mark your way! Taking a friend or two is advisable.

When you finally reach your destination which is the pumpkin patch there are some adorable goodies to collect. We recommend you trick or treat first before the big journey, you will need all the candy you can get.

Don’t forget to get your items for your trip to Haven Hollow by clicking on one of the pumpkins at the landing point to get your goods for this journey.



  Nightmare at the park_003


Nightmare at the Park is a must see destination to take your friends for a scary time, you may bump into a few ghosts, a Chucky doll or Michael Myers.

You start off by the footbridge and make your way through the cemetery and walk up the steps to the haunted home where there may be some treats or tricks for you. We will not give away what is to be expected. Just make sure you have your wits about you.

Nightmare at the park_007

This sim is covered in neat places for you all to go explore and may scream like a girl a few times, but it is worth the exploration, most of all it is a lot of fun doing this with your friends or loved ones! Don’t hang around too long at the drive in movies, something may happen to you. Remember this golden rule, stay together!

Nightmare at the park_009

Watch where you step because you may just fall down somewhere and get stuck!




Welcome to The Forgotten Haunted House where you take a trip through this creepy home, and go through a maze where you get lost a few times, encounter a few things that go bump in the night but are sure to make you jump out of your skin a few times.

This is a journey that takes you all the way down to a few areas, and find some missing campers that obviously have not had a fantastic camping trip along with a scary chainsaw massacre happenings. Plenty of body armor is recommended to keep you all in one piece, and to make it out alive. Don’t forget to check out the pumpkins that may have some prizes in there for you.





Masoma County has done a special sim for this special holiday where it is spooktacular. This sim comes with a lot of trails to follow, and choices to make of where to go and do you dare enter the buildings, you can even do some shopping somewhere in the sim.

There are many spots that will make you squeal with horror (in the nicest possible way) or some that may make you squirm. Watch out for some rolling/floating heads, we have no idea where they came from and nor do we want to know!



Haunted Trails_004_004


The beautiful Haunted Trails sim is last but not least on our list of picks, this sim is full of nooks and crannies to go explore, walk around and just have a relaxing time with your friends and loved ones.

There is a hunt on this sim so be sure to get your thinking caps on and enjoy the trails to your to findings. Most of all enjoy the beauty of this spooktacular place.

Haunted Trails_004_001


The staff from LTD would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween and happy trick or treating! All these images have not been edited, and mostly used is the default region windlights have been used to show the sim off as it is intended. We had a tough time choosing what areas to take photos of but we didn’t want to give away all the fun that is to be had at each sim. The list has been compiled of where you should start and end but is up to you which way you wish to do it. Have fun!

With love, LTD.

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  3. […] looked at LTD’s Top picks for Halloween and visited NIGHTMARE AT THE PARK. It was cool – not as interactive as Havenhallow, though.  […]

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