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September 25
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Masoma County

Masoma County


Second Life is full of great community estates for residents to live, play and generally have a good time. LTD is fortunate to be supported by some of these great places and we wanted to share some of them with you today!

Silver Lake Estates AD(1)

Silver Lake Estates

Olrich Estates

Olrich Estates

LTD Angel Manor

Angel Manor Estates & Suites

These are just a handful of some of the great estates you will find in Second Life. Below you will find a brief description of each including the owners name. To visit either of these estates, click the relevant image above.

MASOMA COUNTY: Owner – Jillian Pevensey (anjill.pevensey) – Masoma is a family oriented RP community with an emphasis of beautiful surroundings and community.

SILVER LAKE ESTATES: Owner – Esther Bailey (impatwin.toxx) – The Silver Lake Estates are a growing community with features such as a Theater, regular community events, a grand hotel, a private school and more.

OLRICH ESTATES – Owner – Tricia Olrich (tricia.olrich) – Olrich Estates is a family oriented community and runs like a real city. They offer paid positions within the community from police officers to graphic designers. There is truly something for everyone at Olrich.

ANGEL MANOR ESTATE & SUITES – Owner – Kaya Angel (kaya.angel) – Angel Manor Estates & Suites are the definition of luxury. Beautiful apartments available for rent at great prices and a vast amount of ammenties for residents to take advantage of. These include The Rose Theater, beautiful landscape gardens, the art gallery and much more. See VIDEO HERE

LTD is a proud supporter of all estate companies in Second Life. If you own a residential estate and would like to advertise with us, please contact us at advertising@lovetodecoratesl.com. It’s all about promoting the community.


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