September 16
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Villa Utrecht700


*Text taken from DUTCHIE*

Rooms and animations

Villa Utrecht has 4 floors and hides 19 different animations inside the steps and windows.
Downstairs: living room, dining room, library, kitchen, hallway and conservatory.
Upstairs: master bedroom, guest bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, hallway. 3×8 animations in the deep windows on the front side.
Cellar with lockable room for keeping supplies.
Front steps with 4 times 10 animations.
Back steps with 1 animation.

Villa Utrecht close700

French chaise longue700

Writing desk with chair700

Furnished or unfurnished

The house comes in 2 versions, furnished or unfurnished. The unfurnished version has the land impact of 508 prims. The furnished house has the land impact of 1280 prims. Buyers of the furnished version get a 20 percent discount on the house and furniture combined. The house is mod and copy, 99 percent mesh and materials have been applied in some areas.

Villa Utrecht attic700

A video of the house can be viewed at Treet.tv
More pictures of the writing desk and the chaise longue will come later.

Come see them yourself!

Dutchie’s Villa Utrecht is only available at the Home & Garden Expo for the duration of the event.
Adult versions of the writing desk with chair and the French chaise longue are available at Dutchie adult.

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