FEEDBACK RESPONSES: Questions Answered!

September 4
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We would like to thank you for your amazing feedback since last night. We received some great comments, compliments and also questions in regards to LTD and what we do on a daily basis.

We have taken the time to write answers to some of the most common questions asked and you can find them below. If you have any other questions you would like to add or you are unsure of something, please ask in the comment section below.


1. Why is there not an in-world copy of the Magazine? We do not produce an in-world copy of LTD Magazine as we believe online publishing is the way forward. In world Magazines often have rezzing issues and due to the amount of high quality images within our publication, we believe that readers would not get the best experience.

2. Why do you never post Marketplace links on your posts? The material we post on our website is gathered mainly from Flickr and our in-world group. We can only use the information provided by the designer and unfortunately if there is no marketplace link provided, we cannot post one.

3. Will there be more ”Open House” Events in the future? YES! We plan to hold at least 1 open house per month. All Open Houses will be advertised on our website, social media accounts and in-world group at least 1 week PRIOR to opening.

4. Why are items not credited on the website for LTD Decors? Due to the high volume of items used in LTD Decor posts, it is a very difficult task to list everything used. That being said, main items are credited and we always welcome questions from our readers on where certain items are from. These can be submitted via the comment box of the post and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

5. How do I get my items promoted by LTD? The items promoted by us are gathered mainly from the LTD Flickr Group. If you are a designer and would like your items to be promoted, you can upload your images into our group and there is a good chance we will advertise them. To be GUARANTEED promotion, you need to become an advertising supporter of LTD.

6. How can I become a member of the LTD Team? We are always looking to recruit new team members. Whether you are a photographer, writer or very creative, we would love to hear from you! You can apply to be a member of our team by filling out one of the forms on our CONTACT PAGE, or contacting the appropriate staff member via the email listed. We cannot give you a response time, but we do aim to get back to applicants as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, you have probably been unsuccessful.

7. Who is responsible for the LTD Website and marketing? The LTD Website and promotion of products is done by Editorial Clarity (CEO & Chief of Marketing) and Elvi Hartley (Website Director).

8. How do I advertise with LTD? If you are interested in advertising with us, you can request the advertising information through Editorial Clarity. All residents who have inquired about advertising will be given a form to fill out with their request. This allows us to keep track on who we have handed our information out to and to keep a record of interested clients.

9. Are the photos in the Magazine heavily photoshopped? No. One of our guidelines for magazine photographers is that they do not use any unrealistic windlights or heavily Photoshop photos. Certain tweaks may be done but the images that you see in our publication are mostly as they are seen in world.

10. When is LTD Magazine Released? The Magazine releases on the 23rd every two months. The next 3 issues of LTD Magazine will be released on SEPTEMBER 23RD, NOVEMBER 23RD & JANUARY 23.

11. How often do you release group gifts? There is no set amount of gifts we release each month. We can only release them when a designer has created one to give to our group. Some months we can release up to 4 and others only 1. It all depends on how many designers we get on board and when their gifts are ready to send out.

12. Can you provide a list of stores for the Open House Events? One of the main reasons we hold the Open House events is because so many items from various stores are used, we feel allowing residents to explore the home for themselves is a good way for them to discover the stores. For example, if you like an item at the house, you can right click and find out the creator. No designer provides items for our open house events, the items are all purchased. If a designer provided all of the items for us, then it will be easier to keep track on which stores are used in our open houses.

13. Why do you not post the Land Impact and Price of items? Again, as said for question 2, we can only post the information provided by the designer as we get it from their Flickr. If price and land impact is listed, we always write it in our posts on the website. We aim to provide as much information as possible to our readers.

14. How does one advertise on your Facebook page? All of the material promoted on our Facebook page is taken from the website. So all website posts get heavily promoted via our social network accounts.

15. How do I get notice permissions in the LTD in-world group? To receive notice permissions in our in-world group you need to become an advertising supporter. The rights are given as part of our magazine advertising package.

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