LTD DECOR: Colour In The Manor House

August 20



By Editorial Clarity

Hi Everyone! This is basically going to be one big picture post but hopefully one that will inspire you to do some decorating this coming weekend!

living room_001


I was recently hired by a couple in Second Life to design the interior of their COMPULSION Manor House. With this being such a huge home and each being rather large, it was for sure a challenge but a fun and exciting one! Dee Ryder (client) was already a fan of my work and loved my current home which was the same prefab. She wanted a similar layout but I wanted to do something different with it and that was adding lots of COLOUR!


Office befor_005

Each room has an extremely different vibe and colour scheme. The client has a big family so making the house classy yet fun at the same time was very important to me. A lot of the rooms have some very unexpected and unique features which I think make the home even more special, one of them being the walk in closet!



I wanted to share this with you hoping that it will give you a little inspiration to get decorating and also to try something different in your home. A lot of people generally buy a prefab, add a few items here and there and eventually get bored after a week or two only to repeat the process. Maybe one day you can challenge yourself to do something very different with your home?

I must also add that this home will be opened up to the public very soon, so stay tuned for details on that. You will be able to walk around and explore this entire home at leisure.

If you have any questions about anything you see here, please feel free to leave it in the comment section of the post.

Thanks and Love To Decorate!

  1. Le.Memoirs

    August 21

    Reblogged this on Le.Memoirs and commented:
    Speechless!!! This post inspired my home so much!!! Absolutely Stunning and Creative!

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  3. Fantastic and inspirational! It does help to have a house that is modify, though, so you can change colours of curtains, walls and floors which is sometimes difficult to find with mesh housing. Otherwise, you’re into more primmage as you layer over the top. Not sure if there are alternative ways around this challenge that you know of, Edi.

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  5. CastlelessPrincess

    October 13

    I am absolutely in love with what you’ve done with the manor. It would be nice if some of the stores were cited. If they were I missed it ;/ , especially that bed. Could you site the stores where the items came from. I’m currently decorating my new home and it would be a great help thx.

  6. nahlafranizzi

    August 4

    great house

  7. honeybender

    October 24

    This is just so full of awsome it makes me keep comming back to look at it. But Edi – may I ask where the black window surrounds in the yellow and black room is from? Would love to know πŸ™‚

  8. Tricey

    February 9

    How much do you charge I have a house I need decorated

  9. Asla

    November 25

    is it possible to find out the names of the items in the rooms? πŸ™‚ beautiful!

    • Editorial Clarity

      December 16

      Please let us know which items you are asking for specifically and we will be more than happy to provide the details!

      • Savanna

        June 21

        Can I get a list of all of the items used in this design

  10. Savanna

    June 22

    can you give me a list of items in the bathroom ?

  11. Savanna

    July 27

    I bought this house, but where is the walk in closet ?

    • The Walk in Closet was build custom for the client. It doesn’t come with the house.

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