LTD DECOR: Before & After Office

August 13

Office befor_005


By Editorial Clarity

I have always had a love for offices. I think the image of an office for many is boring, dreary and a place one really does not wish to spend time. That just gives me more ammunition to do something different whenever I design them. This office for example is one I have recently designed for a client in Second Life and now also use as my own personal work space in world.

Office befor_002Office befor_001

I have attached some before and after shots to this post because i think it gives a good visual of the change. I wanted to do something completely different with this space and make a unique room that nobody else has in Second Life, so using the APPLE FALL fireplace as a window frame is what I started with and right away it made an impact.

Office befor_007


The use of materials in Second Life has really enhanced the way furniture and textures looks on the grid, which is great for decorating. The lacquered finish look of the frames basically inspired the rest of the decor for this room. The desk is a dining table by THE LOFT and I used a simple prim on top and gave it materials effect and a medium shine. This very simple change makes the table look almost custom and the way the light reflects off of the surface is beautiful. Nothing fancy and anyone can do it!

Office befor_004

This room also doubles up as a family entrainment space which is perfect if you have kids. Adding the APPLE FALL lights, the built in fireplace and pops of yellow really give this room a bit of the wow factor. At least I think so anyway. It is always fun to try something different here and there and this was a great experiment.

Hope you get inspired by this post to do something fun and unique in your own office space! If you have any questions about any of the pieces you see here in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Love To Decorate!

  1. Suga

    August 13

    love love love it…what skybox is this?

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  3. That’s a truly luxurious office, Edi! I’d be very happy to work in it since it sets the atmosphere for peace and calm that would engender inspiration rather than sitting at a simple desk and thinking omg I’ve only got x number of hours left to finish my task 🙂

  4. Le.Memoirs

    August 18

    Omg this is so cute! I love it!!! where is the couch from?

  5. Tweety Haggwood

    January 4

    I love this office, I have been trying to figure out who did this because I want it. I love this omg.

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