LTD DECOR: Neutral Class

July 18
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house progress_001


By Editorial Clarity

I love a neutral color palette and just recently I have been liking it a lot more than usual! This decor and landscape design was done with the COMPULSION Manor House which was advertised here on the website a few days ago. The house is quite grand in its presence, which I do not mind, because being from England I have a fetish for buildings and gardens that are just OUT THERE!

manor house_002


living room_001

The Interior of the prefab is very neutral but classy. I wanted to keep that same vibe as I decorated, so I used a lot of whites, creams and brown which I think suit it well. It gives the house a grand and expensive feel, but keeps stylish and comfortable at the same time. It is very easy to go overboard.

manor house_001

manor house_003

manor house_004

I have spoken many times about my love for chairs and seating arrangements. I have a lot of books about Interior Design and one thing I loved when I read about older homes is that they were decorated with lots of seating areas. It almost seemed like any room that had an empty space was filled with a chair or two.

manor house_005

manor house_006

This kitchen is always an important room of any home and to be honest, I am really not a fan of them in Second Life. I found what got me interested in using kitchens was to make them into a separate living area. So with this one, I have added a casual dining table and also a long sofa by URBANIZ’D which I think adds something different to the space. Better than being just a plain old kitchen that I would never use anyway!

manor house_007

manor house_008

manor house_009

The outdoor space is what usually takes the longest, as it is built using prims. I love a good swimming pool, lots of trees and areas to sit and relax, without the space being too huge. In the future, I plan to add a dock which will connect to the other side of the swimming pool. My partner loves docks and boats so one will be added at some point!

I hope you like this new decor. This home will most likely be open for the public to explore in EARLY AUGUST so stay tuned for details about that. In the meantime, if you have any questions about any items featured in the images above, comment below and I will answer as soon as possible!


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  2. sam

    July 19

    Can you name some of the shops that the furnitures are from? Id really like to know! I have that manor myself and that was beautifully decorated! x

  3. […] I went and looked at this house the night before last and we were having a very hard time imagining this place as an actual home. It felt like a government showcase building of some kind, or maybe an old school art gallery. But then she found this blogger who reviewed the place with furnishings. I am very impressed with the direction Second Life is going. Check out the article yourself the images are amazing. […]

  4. hugh

    July 22

    Which store is this entertainment center from?

  5. Corwin

    July 30

    The kitchen is splendid. Where is it from? I especially like the sink

  6. is this home open to visit?

    • It isn’t. No date for opening has been decided yet but if it does open, it will be announced on the website 🙂

  7. Bon-Voyage SL

    August 6

    where can i get the first pictures living room set from

    • The set is from alot of different places. The sofas are from ARIA, Coffee Table and Chairs is from THE LOFT, Flowers are from APPLE FALL and MESH PLANTS, the pillows are from THE LOFT, the side table is from POST, the lamps are REDGRAVE.

  8. Daniel

    August 9

    This is amazing. I need to hire an interior decorator to do my home and gardens as well. LOL… I have to live like THIS!!!! Wow.

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