LTD: A Fresh New Look

July 1
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LTD MAGAZINE and WEBSITE have been operational since December 2013 and we have grown in a great way and we continue to keep you informed on all news Home & Garden each and every day.

Over the next few months, we are gradually going to be changing the look of LTD bit by bit, and what better way to start off this new change than having a new logo. The LTD logo is such an important image for us as it is displayed on every single magazine issue cover, the website banner and everything else associated with us.

AS OF TODAY, WE ARE HOLDING A DESIGN CONTEST for you to design the new LTD logo. Do you think you have the design skills to create something fabulous that can grace our magazine covers? Do you think you can create something that evokes what LTD is all about as an organization?

You have complete free reign over WHAT you design. We just have some important information written below:

The Logo MUST be 512 x 512

The DEADLINE for entries is JULY 15TH.

The WINNER will have their design chosen to be the official logo of LTD, receive $L10,000 in cash and will become a member of the LTD Team. We may throw a few other prizes in there too.

Please send your entries by NOTECARD to Editorial Clarity or by EMAIL to Please include your name and a little about the inspiration of your design with it.

We are looking forward to seeing your awesome works!

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