LTD DECOR: Hilltop Retreat

June 11
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After the Transformation

After the Transformation


This is the second and final post on the garden transformation at the Oceanside Beach House and the area of focus this time is the hilltop. This quite large empty space on the FANATIK Mesh Island that was simply a blank canvas to work on.

Before the Transformation

Before the Transformation

Due to the island being mesh, you are not able to terraform as you would with a normal piece of Second Life land. Therefore, to actually do any changes, you have to build the garden landscape yourself using prims. It does take quite a lot of work, especially if you are stickler for details, but the end result should be worth it.

relaxing garden_003

relaxing garden_004

The Hilltop Garden Retreat is full of different varieties of plant life. From tropical plants from STUDIO SKYE to Bamboo forests from 3D TREES. If you are a lover of tranquil outdoor spaces, then this is a great spot for you to place your avatar. The koi pond (Fish yet to be added) sits in the middle of the garden space. A stone pathway leads you to and from the pond where you find a bridge to cross over to the other side where there is a dining space. No matter where you are in the garden, you can hear the gentle sounds of water from the fountains, the beautiful song of birds which all add to the relaxed atmosphere the space was meant to evoke.

relaxing garden_005

The Oceanside Beach Home was open to the public when the May/June issue of LTD MAGAZINE was released, so these changes have not been seen by anyone who visited. This is why the home will be reopened again to the public for a few more days next week. This will give anyone who didn’t get chance to visit before to come, explore the home and the gardens and hopefully leave with some inspiration for the summer. Details of the open house are listed below.


A landmark and notice will be send on the day so you won’t miss it.

In the meantime, we hope this post leaves you inspired, motivated and excited for the summer season and all of the decorating adventures to be had!


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