LTD DECOR: A Place For Summer!

June 10
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LTD DECOR: A PLACE FOR SUMMER by Editorial Clarity

I have always had a love for Gardens, Plants & Trees. Anything about the outdoors really. I’m from England by birth and where I lived was called ‘The National Forest’. An area of natural beauty and full of stately homes which were open to the public. Each of them had beautiful gardens which I loved to roam around and explore when my grandparents would take me and my brother as kids.


In the last few days, I have been working on and off creating a garden space at our home. This home was recently opened up to the public as part of the release of our May/June Issue of LTD MAGAZINE, so for those who visited will recognise it and know that the actual outdoor spaces was rather limited.



I decided to create a tiered garden, using all different varieties of plant life from STUDIO SKYE and use a great new fence set by TROMPE L’OEIL which is currently out at Fameshed. The colours all work really well together and still fits with the oceanside theme. Altogether it adds a lot more life to the place.



The garden is full of hidden spots to sit, relax and listen to the ocean waves nearby. Because the house sits on a mesh island from FANATIK, it made more sense to do a tiered garden and have it running up the hillside. The end result actually makes the garden feel a lot bigger than it really is.

the loft chairs_001


Due to the outdoor space being so small, I added a collection of plants to the inside too. The great thing about this house, and you would have noticed if you visited, is that it has floor the ceiling glass windows. Therefore it doesn’t matter where you are in the home, you can still have a great view of the greenery outdoors. Brining the outdoors indoors into this home was very important and I am very happy with the results.

When In world, my avatar spends the majority of time at home, sitting on the sofa or one of the new Alexand Porter chairs from THE LOFT which are available at Collabor88. Love it! Perfect for the summer and it even inspires me to go and explore some more gardens in real life this year! Amazing what Second Life can do 🙂

I Hope this post has somewhat inspired you to do a spot of gardening for the coming season. There are plenty of great landscaping stores out there all waiting for you to do something creative with their items!


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