LTD POLL: Event Shopping VS Store Shopping

June 3
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With so many shopping events happening in Second Life today, we are interested to know whether you miss the regular store releases and in store shopping experience, or you prefer the event type shopping of today.

After answering the poll below, feel free to leave a comment on the subject letting us know what you think. Both are really great, but we are really interested to know the public view as Events have really taken over the Second Life shopping scene.

  1. I loved events when they were something special that happens from time to time and I was excited to wait for them, these days you have some new event almost each week and its like there is no “magic” anymore… just a regular thing.

    Stores have their own charm, good ones at least lol, and you can get “a feel” from each of them, I love seeing how merchants put the effort to provide an experience for visitors, love to walk around the shop, sit down, listen to the music and relax. Its a lot more than just jumping from one vendor to another trying to get your item as soon as you can and run back home.

  2. kerenaz

    June 3

    The recent Enchantment event was one I enjoyed a lot because it took me the to individual stores, where I was able to browse their store– without fighting lag, rude avatars, immense crowds, transaction failures due to lag, etc. That said, events such as Fameshed and Collabor8 do have such unique offerings and I can stand outside and cam shop, once I get to the location ( meaning a week after the event starts ). I just don’t do crowded places well I guess.

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  4. Hi! I would like to say that i both love shopping during events and directly in the stores. But as it’s very very difficult to get into an event during the first 4-6 day, I would like to suggest that the designers offer their items inside their store AND in the event. Also, why don’t the items can be bought on MP during the first week? I would like to add that big events like Fameshed and Collabor88 are not easy to join for designers. It’s always the same that are there. Is there a way to make a rotation of designers or even make a bigger event or accept more designers and put lm to their mainstore? I recently tried to add a very popular skin store to Collabor88 and no one got back to me. I am not saying the name of this store, but it’s of the most important skin store in SL.

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