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May 31
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The most important part of LTD is the marketing. The Magazine publication is a bi-monthly product that is released, yet the marketing is a daily operation.

Since LTD first launched at the beginning of January 2014, it has quickly grown into being a trustworthy and relied upon source for information on what is new and good in the Home & Garden market of Second Life. After all, we do strive to be ‘The #1 Resource for HOME & GARDEN DESIGN in Second Life’.

Each week, we get quite a lot of enquiries as to how one can be featured on the LTD Website and Magazine, so below you will find some helpful information on this subject.


  • Advertising in LTD – THE MAGAZINE is really the best way to have your content promoted on our website and to our group members. With placing an advertisement, you will instantly be given the right for notice permissions within the LTD inworld Group which contains 1500 members and growing, PLUS it will give your items PRIORITY for promotion on the website.


  • LTD NEW STORE SCHEME: If you are a business owner and your store is less than 6 months old, you may want to consider joining our new store scheme. This was set up to give newer brands a platform to promote their products and get their name known. The scheme runs for 3 months once joined and with it, you will be given notice permissions for the duration, discounted advertising in the magazine and you will be listed on the LTD DIRECTORY. More information on this can be found HERE.


  • LTD FLICKR: Nearly all of the content that is promoted on the website is gathered from our Flickr group. If you are a member of Flickr, you can join our group and upload your new releases into the group. This DOES NOT Guarantee promotion on the website, however it does give you a better chance. We CANNOT advertise everything that we see, but we do try and promote as much as possible each day. As said above, those who are advertising clients with us do get more priority as it is part of the service we provide for them.


  • EVENTS: With so many events going on in Second Life today, we cannot give coverage to all. We try to promote as many events as we possibly can, whether it be through items created for them or an event press release. If you have created an event and would like promotion on LTD, please send full details AND a poster/logo to

We hope this post has helped you with any enquiries you may have about LTD and how to have your work promoted by us. If you do have any more questions, feel free to contact EDITORIAL CLARITY in world or email


The #1 Resource for HOME & GARDEN DESIGN in Second Life

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