LTD DECOR: My Atelier

May 26

Atelier Model_001



As you know, THE ARCADE opens up again in just under one weeks time and APPLE FALL have a stunning collection available at the event. This Atelier has been created inside the Parisian Skybox, part of the Arcade set for JUNE 2014.

Atelier Model_002

An Atelier is a must for anyone in the design world. A place of work, to get inspiration and to bring your creations to life. It is where all of the magic happens. This skybox was the perfect place to create this space in Second Life. A room filled with work material, memories, treasures that have been collected through the years, all in one place.

Atelier Model_003

The MUDHONEY Coffee table is filled with accessories from the AF Hand of Hercules to candles and flowers. Not to forget the copies of LTD Magazine which are of course a must have! The walls are filled with black and white photography from APPLE FALL and framed tiles from TATTY SOUP.

Atelier Model_004

Everyone needs a space where they can feel inspired to work and get things done. It doesn’t matter what work you do, a nice space filled with items that make you happy will give you that burst of creativity that you need. If you have the spare prim, accessorise the space in creative and unique ways that fit your personality. Whether it be re planting flowers in a different vase or even adding your photo memories into picture frames, let it be everything YOU are.

I hope this space has inspired you to create, decorate and personalise your own work room/office. If you would like to know where a specific piece in this post is from, simply leave a comment underneath this post and it will get a response as soon as possible.

THE ARCADE opens on JUNE 1ST, so if you want this skybox, head on over to the event from that date!


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  2. trustgenesis

    February 14

    where is the pink flower in the first pic right hand corner from ?

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