LA GALLERIA – NEW Buttercup Cottage

May 20
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Fans of LA GALLERIA will be pleased to know that there is a new prefab release over at the mainstore and marketplace today.

The Buttercup Cottage is 100% mesh and is an upgraded version of a previous build from the brand. Information on this prefab can be found below.

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~BUTTERCUP Cottage has a default footprint of 30 wide x 32 deep** and has 177 prims at that size ** for the home and everything linked to it, not including unlinked accessories. It has a living room, a kitchen/ dining room, a bedroom, and a room for bath or study.

~The walled garden area adds about 30 prims, depending on what you decide to place.

~The house has lace curtains linked inside that are always open. There are wall controllers that operate privacy curtains seen only from outside, to open, close, or make sheer.

~Touch lights to turn off or on. Touch fireplace to rez logs.

~The outdoor stone wall pieces are modular (they are too far apart to be linked) so you can place them where you like around the house, along with the garden items listed below.

~The house itself comes linked as one object, no rezzer needed.

~You have a choice between rezzing the 158 prim house by itself and choosing which accessories and garden items you want to use, OR rezzing the coalesced (grouped or soft-linked) garden accessories all together, which will be around 200 prims.* The grouped garden is called AMERICANA COTTAGE LANDSCAPING, POOL, WALLS (COALESCED). There are more accessories in the box called AMERICANA COTTAGE HOME & Garden Accessories.

*TIP: REZ THE GROUPED GARDEN ACCESSORIES FIRST. MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU REZ, you are already in Edit mode by going into Build — then you will be able to position everything while they are all selected. Otherwise you will need to select everything so you can move it together.

** The house can easily be stretched larger or smaller to fit the scale of your avi. However, the prim count will increase or decrease depending on the size.

NO FURNISHINGS ARE INCLUDED WITH THE HOME other than those listed below:

LINKED TO HOME (can be unlinked to copy, or deleted save prims) included in the 148 prims:

Lace Curtains ( 11 prims total)
Entry hall light (2 prims)
Door bell (1 prim)
Front planters with flowers — (2 prims ea)
Front porch carriage lights (2 prims ea)
Extra steps @ back porch (1 prim)

NOT LINKED, can either be placed by homeowner or many can be rezzed in a group with the house (see above).

Pool (6)
Stone walls, short and long, corner column — stretch to fit your land (1-2 prims)
Brick front patio w flowers (4 prims)
Brick garden planters (2 prims)
Ceiling Fan (5)
CLIMBING Roses for side walls of house (1 prim ea)
Garden Bench (4 prims)
Carriage Lamps for stone wall (2 prims ea)
Hanging Ivy (3 prims)
Potted flowering plants (varies)
Birdbath (rezzes singing birds) 4 prims
Security panel (1)
Welcome Mat (1)



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