LTD INTERIOR – Heaven On The 50th Floor

March 9

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The luxurious penthouses of New York City and other world class destinations were just some of the inspirations behind this Interior.

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Creating a space that not only evokes a luxurious lifestyle, but is more importantly comfortable and functional. The lowered seating area in the centre of the room brings a modern touch to this otherwise classic looking space. Sitting on the sofa (Credits: Apple Fall – Collabor88 March ’14), watching a movie or simply hanging out with friends and family. That is what the space is designed for.

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Picture By Apple Fall

The home of a world traveller maybe? A collection of pieces from across the globe and placing them into this kingdom. Various accessories grace the space including Chairs by TROMPE L’OEIL, A work station by LISP BAZAR and event the great Chandelier (ABISS). Detail is the key and this room has many.

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A place to work, A place to play, A place to get away from the troubles in life and remain in your own little world.

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  1. Rwah

    March 9

    I adore how you do luxury interior. Stunning.

  2. zeesl

    March 9

    I love this so much!

  3. Anais Zero

    March 9

    That’s wonderful! Where is the prefab from?

    • It is actually not a prefab, we built it specifically for the design of this room. Sorry πŸ™

  4. Angie

    March 9

    Beautiful!! Where are the florals on the bookshelves from?

  5. Jane Watson

    March 9

    I have been trying for 2 days to get into Collabor88. Each time it tells me it is full – is there a glitch or is it just super popular and if so, how long will it run till? Will I ever get a chance to get in – or will it close before I can find a spot?

    • Collabor88 is a very popular event and on the first 3 or 4 days since opening it can be quite difficult to get into the sim. Eventually, things to die down, but the opening few days are always busy. You will get in eventually. Don’t give up πŸ™‚

  6. The Apple Fall New York Skybox looks allot like this… I love it!

  7. Giavonni Hunniton

    November 5

    Where is the wrapped around sofa from?

  8. Rhino Redstar

    February 3

    can we still get this and if so where at

  9. Shakti Adored

    February 5

    Amazing designs but it is very frustrating when the details aren’t shared. I’m sure there’s reasons sometimes but it is still frustrating.

  10. Tayah Carter

    July 7

    It’s 2017, where can i find the couches at in your store? I have 2 colors but want the rest. I think they was featured at collabor88. I so love them.

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